Biographical information
  • 1995
  • Alive
  • Television show host
  • Human
  • Female
Family information
Played by
  • Brittany Ross
First seen
Last seen

Candis is a popular girl on Kinkow. She is a friend of Mikayla.


Candis auditioned to become Mikayla's best friend. Because of her being obsessed with her look she got Mikayla and herself in danger.(The One About Mikayla's Friends)

She later received her own Kinkow gossip show. She helped Mikayla with her 'Brady dreams'. (The Evil King)

She asked Mikayla about a rumour that she would never date Brady due to his immaturity, not knowing Brady was listening. (The New King

Later, Candis hosted her first television special, 'Mysteries of Kinkow'. She opened a dark side tomb cave housing Kutamungo. She was pulled inside the tomb, but rescued by the kings. Candis was then taken to the dungeon for putting the island in danger. (Mysteries of Kinkow)


Season 2

Season 3


  • Candis and Mikayla.
  • Candis filming the kings.


  • She believes that kisses can change lives and break spells.
  • According to her, the only weapon that she needs is her lipgloss.
  • She found King Brady attractive.
  • She indirectly contributed to Brady leaving Kinkow.
  • She only cares about getting people's attention on her show, which she calls "getting eyeballs"
  • Every time she appears she only causes problems
    • This is especially true in the case of problems connected to the season 2 and season 3 finales
    • She appears in all seasons except Season 1

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