The Three Creators of the Dark Side, who are considered to be the main antagonists of the Pair of Kings series.

Roles in the Creation of the Dark Side

  • Kalakai was the twin king of the first king of Kinkow, Malakai, until the two kings started to fight, and Kalakai turned evil and fled to the unexplored area of Kinkow to create the Dark Side. He was defeated by Malakai, and turned into a fish, named Yamakoshi.
  • Zadoc, an evil sorcerer, took up the mantle of Leader of the Dark Side when he started using his powers to bring the Dark Side to life. But, by the hand of the king, he was sent into the Light Side, and turned to stone.
  • Years later, Kaita, a feared Kinkowian warrior, took his army of Tarantula People, and invaded the Dark Side, claiming it as his. After killing one king of Kinkow, he was defeated, and turned into a Mummy. In order to return, the Mummy had to possess the Bat Medallion, which the Tarantula People searched for, for many months. . .

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