Fight School
Season 1, Episode 18
Fight School
Air date April 18, 2011
Written by Eric Lev
Directed by Linda Mendoza
Episode guide
"The Kings Beneath My Wings"
"The Trouble With Doubles"

Fight School is the eighteenth episode of Season 1.


After learning their father was the best warrior in island history, Boomer and Brady enroll in Kinkow Fight School. When Mason gives the kings special treatment, jealousy overcomes Mikayla. Taking Lanny's advice, she decides to test the kings' newfound confidence and skills by pitting them against Atog the giant. When Mason finds out, Mikayla tries to get the kings to back down. It's too late, as the kings are eager to prove their inner warrior. When they fight, Atog wins by far. Mikayla sees that Atog got confused when they used some American Wrestling. The kings defeat Atog by mixing wrestling with Kinkow fighting.



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All New Pair Of Kings-Fight School - Coming Soon00:33

All New Pair Of Kings-Fight School - Coming Soon



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