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Hilo Tutuki
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Tyrel Jackson Williams

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The Kings Beneath My Wings

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The Kings Beneath My Wings

Hilo Tutuki is one of the Kinkowan kids from the village. He has no friends, and spends his time doing research on and writing comic books about Boomer and Brady.


Hilo won the 'King For a Day' competition.

While Boomer and Brady went to surf, Hilo went to catch the Razor Hawk. He tried to trap the Razor Hawk at the bottom of it's tree, and his backpack was stolen. The kings assumed he had been taken to the top of the tree, where the Razor Hawk's nest is, but Hilo was safe on the ground. After seeing Boomer and Brady in the tree, Hilo climbed up and was stuck with them.

Later, he gave Boomer and Brady the idea to lasso a rope onto a tree so that they could zip line down before the Razor Hawk eggs hatched. After they were all safe, Hilo left to 'imagine up some friends and tell them about it.' 

To the delight of Mikayla, Hilo drew a picture of Brady and Boomer saving him to post on the web. (The Kings Beneath My Wings)


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