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Mason Makoola
Biographical information
  • Febuary 9th, 1970
  • Alive
  • Royal Advisor
  • Human(part sasquatch)
  • Male
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Mason is the tritagonist of series. He's the royal bodyguard and advisor over Kinkow. The nickname that Kings Brady and Boomer usually call him is a sasquatch.


Season One

In Return of the Kings, he returns Boomer and Brady to Kinkow and makes them the kings of Kinkow. Mason knows that Boomer and Brady are the Kings of Legend. He doesn't like it when Brady is mocking about his daughter since Brady has a crush on Mikayla.

Season Two

Mason believes that Boomer and Brady are Kings of Legend. He tries proving this to the island elders, but when Brady and Boomer lie to him, he loses all trust in them. Brady and Boomer come back to Kinkow and defeat Zadoc, earning back Mason's trust, and he also starts to believe that they are Kings of Legend again.

Season Three

In the first episode of season 3, it was shown that Mason knew that Boomer and Brady have another brother (Boz) because they're triplets. He felt embarrassed that he said Brady is a king of legend, when he really wasn't.

Physical Appearance

Mason Makoola is part Sasquatch. Mason is tall, muscular, with a very deep voice.


He is wise, strong, good with a machete (he chopped a palm tree and a table in half), and loyal to the kings, Boomer and Brady, though he sometimes gets annoyed by the antics the kings put themselves in. He's also the overprotective father of Mikayla, of whom Brady is not-so-secretly crushing on. He was very close to the triplet's parents. He has a younger brother named Jason and they don't get along but eventually rekindle their brotherhood. He is part sasquash.


"This is thirty six inches of cold hard steel forged from the fires of Mt. Don't Touch My Daughter."

- Return of the Kings


Mason has Superstrengh he's so Strong He can Sqweeze the The Oxygen outta Boomer & Brady just Like Anacondas, Boas, & Pythons.


  • People often wonder if his voice is real because it is so deep, and in "The New King", his voice was revealed to be high pitched, although it is Geno Segers actual voice.
  • He is 1/8 sasquatch.
  • His personality's  polar opposite is his younger brother Jason Makoola.
  • In How I Met Your Brother, after Mason quit his job he became a slacker and gained weight and got darker.
  • His catchphrase is "Sweet mamasquatch".

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