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Mysteries of Kinkow
Season 3, Episode 18
POK 1232345
Air date February 4, 2013
Written by Matt Wickline
Directed by Sean Mulcahy
Episode guide
"Yeti, Set, Snow"
"Meet the Parent"

Mysteries of Kinkow is the eighteenth episode of season Season 3.


The Kings learn new secrets about Kinkow and the perilous future that may await them, and Boz learns one secret that makes him wonder if he’s really meant to be Co-King.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Unknown as Howard Ritterstein





  • Candis gets thrown in the dungeon for opening A Dark Side tomb
  • Brady is seen in this episode as a baby.
  • The statues in the tomb could be a parody of Emporer Shi Huag Di's terracotta warriors.
  • This Episode Is Available On Dailymotion but it is in Turkish

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