O Lanada
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date July 23, 2012
Written by Sean Cunningham, Marc Dworkin
Directed by Sean Mulcahy
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"Wet Hot Kinkowan Summer"
"Heart and Troll"

O Lanada is the fifth episode of Season 3.


When Boomer and Boz find out that Lanny is mad at them, they try to buy back his love by giving him his very own island to rule. But when Mikayla informs the Kings that the secret source of their wealth lives on that island, a gopher that naturally produces gold, they must try to get the gopher back without Lanny ever being the wiser.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Mikey Post as Sherpa Squonk
  • Morgan Leigh as Royal Mime



Pair of Kings S03E06 O Lanada - part 1 HD02:21

Pair of Kings S03E06 O Lanada - part 1 HD

Part 1



  • This episode's title is based on Canada's national anthem, O Canada.
  • The national salute for Lanada is the loser sign.
  • In this episode: Lanny's dream of being king has finally come true.
  • Boomer and Boz finally find out that Lanny hates them
  • Boz states that Lanny has a bunny skull necklace.

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