The New King
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date June 18, 2012
Written by Hinikjai Porter Kannady
Directed by David Kendall
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"Let The Clips Show"
"Two Kings and a Devil Baby"

The New King is the first episode of Season 3.


Boomer tries to follow Brady when he learns that he has left the island for good, but a storm forces him to stay behind. That same storm sinks a nearby island, sending its inhabitants to Kinkow, including their king who turns out to be Boomer’s long lost triplet brother, Boz.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast


  • Mason:(Reading a Farwell Letter To Boomer, Lanny, Mikayla, & Everyone on Kinkow)


HD Pair Of Kings - Boomer Lets Brady Go (Pair Of Kings The New King, Pt 1)01:16

HD Pair Of Kings - Boomer Lets Brady Go (Pair Of Kings The New King, Pt 1)

Boomer Lets Brady Go Clip



  • This is Brady's last appearance in the show, although he's covered by shadows the entire time
  • When Mikayla cuts the fan, only paper falls down even though there was also wood in the fan.
  • Mason's real voice is revealed, which is high pitched.
  • Boz joins the main cast in this episode.
  • Mason silently swore (the Da word) behind the kings back after Boz laughed at him. 

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