Timothy Kalooka-Khan
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Kings of Legend

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Long Live the Kings


Timothy Kalooka-Khan was Kinkow’s head elder.


At some point early in his life, Timothy boarded the Titanic before becoming head elder on Kinkow. He escaped the sinking ship on the first lifeboat. He states that he's lived so long because he's "never missed a nap."(Big Mama Waka) At some point, he got married. (Mysteries of Kinkow)

At one point, the Dark Side began to move closer, inching towards the statue of Zadoc. Timothy believed it was the king's fault, and his distrust for them grew. While Mason believed they were the Kings of Legend, he belived they were just idiots, until they turned Zadoc back to stone and pushed back the Light Side.(Kings of Legend)

He helped Mason and the kings to heal Mikayla after she was covered in slime from a Waka Waka Bug.(Big Mama Waka)

He was also on the Titanic, and he got off the island dressed as a woman just so he can get on the the first boat out of there. He mentioned that when Boomer was checking his bag for the Royal Waka Jelly in Big Mama Waka.

After the storm that wiped out Mindu struck, he helped the stranded residents of MIndu find homes. (The New King)

He moved into The Castle after his wife threw him out. (Mysteries of Kinkow)

Later, while Kutamungo was laying waste to Kinkow, Timothy left to become a cab driver in Las Vegas.(Long Live The Kings)


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