Well, I've always thought it weird in TV when someone says, "I've got good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?" and the other people say, "I'll hear the good news first!" So, I'll tell you the bad news first.

I have to take a hiatus again. -.- I know, I know, it seriously stinks. But this year has been super stressful, and it's REALLY bad right now. I can't tell you every reason, most of them are personal, and I can't really talk about them up here, but yeah, this Christmas and the next couple of months will be a lot for me. I'll pop back around Christmas to talk to you all, but yeah, I won't be on much.

BUT, you guys are so wonderfully awesome, so I want to ask you something.

If I could give you guys one thing on this wikia(as a Christmas present of sorts), WHAT WOULD IT BE? I want your ideas! And if you like another person's idea, be sure to say so in the comments so that I can tell what the popular ideas are!

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